Micro Python - Calculate speed of sound with temperature and humidity

Raspberry Pi Pico
Below will allow you to create accurate speed of sound calculations taking into consideration temperature and humidity in micro python.

Tested on a Raspberry Pi Pico W.

The results of the code below is not quite exact, but its pretty close.


from math import sqrt

def speed_of_sound(temperature, humidity):

    c = 331.3 * sqrt(1 + (temperature/273.15)) + 0.606 * temperature * sqrt(humidity/100) - 5.6 * (1 - humidity/100)

    return c

# Example usage

temperature = 10.0 # in degrees Celsius

humidity = 90.0 # as a percentage

speed = speed_of_sound(temperature, humidity)

print("The speed of sound in air at {0}°C and {1}% humidity is {2:.2f} m/s".format(temperature, humidity, speed))

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