Review - Tender Nova Mesh5

I recently purchased the Tender Mesh5 WiFi access points and have been disappointed with their performance. Despite their claims of superior range and speed, I've experienced numerous problems with these devices. The setup process was a nightmare. The instructions were reasonably straight forward however the connection and setup process was clunky and unreliable. It took several attempts but I managed to get them connected. Once I did manage to get them up and running, the range was average at best. I had to place them much closer together than I had anticipated, and even then, the signal was weak and inconsistent. This was especially frustrating given the price point of these devices, which are significantly more expensive than other options on the market. To make matters worse, I found that the devices frequently dropped the connection entirely, requiring me to reset them multiple times a day. This made it impossible to rely on them for consistent connectivity, which defeats the

Micro Python - how to change NTP host

To change the default NTP host on Micro python Device must be connected to internet. Tested on Raspberry Pi Pico W . MICRO PYTHON CODE: